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about me

Hi there! I'm Emily. I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I live in Astoria, NY with my husband and our tuxedo cat. I love travel, exploring NYC, and watching comedy television (Hacks is my current fave!). 

I love storytelling in any capacity. I tell stories through acting, writing, editing, dance, and self-producing. I always feel most energized when I am working on multiple things at once. Some of these include...

- Acting. I've worked for the last decade on stage and film as an actor, dancer, and singer.

- Producing. I created a film company that specializes in writing and acting, as well as low-budget production. For more info, visit

- Teaching Pilates. I love helping people feel better in their bodies and daily activities. Movement is essential and Pilates provides a safe and fruitful way to access movement in the long term.

- Editing. I work as a freelance and self-taught editor, bringing my expertise in acting and storytelling along with my musicality and sense of timing to my work.


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